About Calabria

The New York Times (4th January 2017) indicated the Calabria region as one of the 52 most beautiful places to visit in the world.

The region is characterized by a short distance between the coast and the highlands and offers magnificent seaside landscapes as well as spectacular mountain and lake surroundings.

"La Calabria è una terra di uomini di pensiero e di penna, che ha dato i natali a Cassiodoro e a Gioacchino da Fiore, a Bernardino Telesio e a Tommaso Campanella, a Corrado Alvaro e a Leonida Repaci."
Roberto Ruozi
Presidente del Touring Club Italia

Places to visit

There are a lot of places in Calabria that are famous for the summer tourism. All that places are well-known for the beauty of the coast, the clear sea and the typical food. Some of these sites are:


The village of Tropea is surrounded by an incredibly beautiful sea. On top of that, the village is very enjoyable and rich of historical places. In the area food is also excellent, particularly the typical hot sausage named ‘nduja and the sweet tartufo ice-cream.

Riviera dei Cedri

It is the part of the Calabrian coast where the citrus scents - that constitute one the region’s pride in the world - are cultivated. There are small towns to visit: Diamante is a very nice village where to spend some days, as well as San Nicola Arcella. In Praia a Mare, with its spectacular Island of Dino, you can dive in one of the most beautiful seas of Calabria. We also suggest you to visit the Sanctuary of San Francesco di Paola, a place where it is possible to breath Cristian faith.

Le Castella

The area of Isola di Capo Rizzuto has many archaeological sites. The area is a protected marine reserve. The castle at the town of Le Castella is spectacular, seemingly floating out on the see with water on all sides and only a small path connecting it to the mainland.


The village of Scilla is really worthwhile to visit. Scilla enchants visitors with its Castle overlooking the sea, the colorful houses leaning on each other, the views of the Strait of Messina and Sicily. History blends with mystery, recalling the myths and legends of Ulysses fighting against Scylla and Charybdis.


Nestled into a narrow strip of land to the east of the headland, it is an ancient fishermen's settlement with a very peculiar atmosphere. The cramped houses here are built right against the sea, with waves washing up to their walls and with little fishing boats drawn up on tiny slipways. This place is listed as one of the “most beautiful villages in Italy” and it is also named “Venice of Southern Italy”.

Mountain places to visit in Calabria.

Sila National Park

ila National Park is actually part of one of Italy’s oldest national parks, the National Park of Calabria. This zone charms visitors with its welcoming villages, and with the opportunities to practice several outdoor sports.

Pollino’s National Park

Pollino National Park is the largest natural park in Italy. It stretches between the provinces of Potenza, Matera, and Cosenza, between Basilicata and Calabria, and consists of the massifs of Pollino and Orsomarso. The park boasts some of the highest peaks of southern Italy, over two thousand meters high. Its interior offers natural attractions, hiking trails, and more, as well as sites of historic, artistic, and archaeological interest. A vacation in Pollino National Park has plenty to offer to hikers, horseback riders, and mountain bikers, with dedicated trails and paths. Rocks, streams, and mountains allow those who practice mountain climbing, rafting and canyoning to find great locations.

Must-see masterpieces that are located in Calabria

Riace Bronzes

Riace Bronzeshe Bronzes of Riace were discovered by Stefano Mariottini, an amateur scuba diver from Rome. They turned out to be one of Italy’s most important archeological finds of the last 100 years.
The two sculptures look human and divine at the same time, between reality and myth. These renowned personages are wrapped in mystery, we don’t know anything about their identity, paternity and origins. These works are beautifully made and succeed in awakening deep feelings among bystanders. Some speak of “magnetic force”, “eroticism”, “halo of fear”. They have been exhibited in Florence, then in Rome. Although the statues are cast in bronze, they feature silver lashes and teeth, copper red lips and nipples and eyes made of ivory, limestone, glass and amber paste. Today the statues attract about 130.000 visitors each year.

Byzantine’s Basilica of Stilo

Byzantine’s Basilica of StiloIn Stilo it is possible to find an example of Byzantine church architecture that’s one of the most important and best preserved in Italy, certainly unique in Calabria. The building, dating back to the tenth century AC, also known as the Catholic Church of Stilo, is a small structure, a Greek cross inscribed in a square in a typical model “Pentakoubouklon”, developed in Constantinople, later spreading to the rest of the Empire around the tenth century. What makes it very special is that this artifact represents the harmonious interplay of the five cylindrical domes that rise above the roof. The middle one has four mullioned windows, while the remaining domes have only a single window that illuminates the interior of the church, giving it momentum and highlighting spaces. The indoor area is divided into nine identical squares partitioned off by four spolia columns. The interior of the Catholic Church of Stilo features frescoes in several layers, which originally covered the entire interior of the church, bearing witness to five historical cycles.